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Bluewave Infrared Scanning

Bluewave Infrared Scanning provides more than just a picture of hot spots.

Infrared scanning is a high value preventative maintenance technique. Contact Bluewave Infrared Scanning to schedule a scan today.

√ Flexible scheduling. On site scanning completed in less than one day. Free cost estimates based on a few facility questions.

√ Scanning, Analysis, and Reporting by a Professional Engineer.

*Repairs not included. Repairs performed by customer maintenance department or qualified contractor.

HOT SPOTS are costing you a little, but potentially a lot. Find and fix now with infrared scanning and proper maintenance.

*Have your building’s electrical system scanned for…
hot spots, potential overloads, loose connections, contamination, faulty components.

*Bluewave Infrared Scanning can see…
the problems in real time, while in operation, safely, without physical contact.

*Bluewave professional staff will…
record photos, location, and circumstances, provide a report including suggested actions.

Your benefits…

Peace of mind by preventing failures, equipment damage, downtime, fire, and/or personnel injury. Plus schedule repairs* at a convenient time and save money.

Infrared (IR) Scanning and Analysis

Using a specialized camera, heat radiation, or signature, is detected and recorded in a picture format.

Infrared Scan and Report

Bluewave staff will complete your company’s safety program for vendors/contractors and have any required PPE.

Facilities that can benefit from Infrared scanning are


We cover Nebraska and surrounding states.