Bluewave Infrared Scanning charges a single lump sum total cost for its service. Cost is based upon the size and complexity of the facility, and the length of time required to complete the scan, record information, and then process the scan and create the report. All travel expenses are figured into the price. Sales tax does not apply to this service. A cost estimate can be provided based on a few facility questions. Bluewave Infrared Scanning LLC is fully insured, certificate available upon request.


The infrared scan is not exact or all inclusive. It is a momentary snapshot of heat radiation, but does not indicate without a doubt the source of the problem. In addition, an identified problem may be deemed normal upon further analysis. Bluewave Infrared Scanning is not responsible for the timing or cost of any problems or actions before, during, or after the IR Scan. Problems and actions include, but are not limited to: doing nothing, repairs, adjustments, lost time, outages, expanding problems, malfunctions, failures, fire, and personnel injury.